SW Michigan Wine Country Gets Some Attention

It's nice to see South West Michigan wineries getting some love and attention from the press. In the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune (JUN 09 2019), many wineries were highlighted including several that we stop at on our wine tours.

We were especially happy to see Hickory Creek named as the boutique winery in the area. It's one of our favorite stops and we think that they have some of the best customer service and wines in the region.

It's owned by our friend Adam McBride and in the two years he has owned it, we have seen many changes that make it more user friendly than the other wineries.

Some of the other wineries that were mentioned have not been places we enjoy stopping at. We believe that a good experience not only includes good wine for tasting, but a friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere. This does not always happen at all stops so we tend to avoid those places.

If you are interested in taking a tour to wine country, please contact us. We are the experts in wine tourism to the area and we can also help you learn the aspects of what makes Midwest wine so unique and different from other areas of the world.

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