What makes for a good Wine Tour?

A few weeks ago, I blogged about what makes for a good experience when I take clients to a wine tasting room on one of my tours.

Today, I want to write about what makes for a good experience when I work with a client. I had the pleasure of hosting a tour of 10 young ladies to SW Michigan and everything went so smoothly, that I think it may have been the best tour that I have ever arranged.

The perfect Client and Friends

Here is what makes a for a great client (and thus makes my job easier):

> Client books well ahead of time and commits to a guaranteed number of people to meet my minimums without any hesitation. This allows me to plan and arranged our stops and make all necessary reservations well ahead of time.

> Client has all the guests gather early before departure so we leave on time. If we are late leaving (due to one person being late), we are late for much of the day (if not the entire day). Then the tasting room managers get mad (at me!).

> Client and guests are friendly and enjoy their wine without overdrinking and getting rude or overly loud. They load on and off the vehicle safely and don't make unnecessary requests for stops along the way.

> Client and guests enjoy the meal selection and food choices at lunch and have given me adequate preparation time for special dietary restrictions.

> Client and guests are willing to leave each stop at scheduled time so that we can hold to the pre-arranged schedule (which makes the tasting room managers happy!).

> Client and guests appreciate the added value service we deliver and show it in the form of a healthy gratuity (which makes me happy!).

So there you go. If you want to book a trip to Wine Country around Chicago follow these tips when you come with me and it will make for a great trip and we will all be happy!

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