Cork Dork

I just bought a newly published book by the author Bianca Bosker titled "Cork Dork". It's a book about the wine industry and the expert sommeliers who are considered the Priests of the High Temple with regards to wine. I look forward to reading the book in the coming week and will post a review of the book after I am done but I have some thoughts to share regarding the subject.

While I am always in awe of wine experts who have a thorough understanding of the various and numerous intricacies of the wine industry and how wine is made, I find them to often be lacking in the basic knowledge of wine making.

Like music or theater critics who have never performed on stage, these self acclaimed experts don't really have a clue as to the challenges that go into making and selling wine on local, regional, or international markets. That is unfortunate.

To truly be an expert, they should understand more than the aromas or bouquet of the wine they are tasting. They should know how the wine fits into the sales channels and the challenges that the wine maker faces with regards to weather, climate change, and soil conditions.

Acceptance of wine from areas that are non-traditional is also a challenge and those with an open mind are refreshing but often in a small minority. The industry can do better!.

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