Duking it out with the Wine Snobs

I hate wine snobs. You know....the type that want to make you feel like you know nothing about wine and, while swirling the wine in their glass, make comments that make you feel like you should go back to your corner and forget about enjoying the wine in your glass.

In my work as a wine distributor of FORTY WINKS wines (our own private label), I encounter wine snobs especially when calling on the stores that sell higher priced wines. And while the staff at these stores often do know more about wine than I do, they have forgotten the fundamental reason why people drink wine - to enjoy a beverage that will enhance their social and dining experience.

Our wines are called table wines which mean they are simple and relatively inexpensive. We want our customers to come back for more and to feel like they are getting good value and quality when they purchase our wines at a price that won't mean having to apply for a bank loan.

What I have found is that while the Snobs know a great deal and can demonstrate that to you without even being asked, they are not helping our industry by making wine accessible and approachable to those that are new to wine.

And that is truly unfortunate. We need to be like Europe where, despite high priced wines from Burgundy or Bordeaux, most people drink table wine and enjoy drinking wine at both lunch and dinner (low alcohol wines that complement food).

So if you meet a wine snob along the way of your wine journey, either ignore him/her, or punch them for me. The biggest mistake you can make is actually listening to what they have to say.

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