Wine in an Exotic Land

I am currently traveling in India for three weeks. Between stops to visit family, we are sightseeing and enjoying getting out of the Chicago cold!

I am looking forward to visiting the Sula Winery in Nasik next week. I bet most of you reading this column don't realize that India has a robust wine industry and several of the wines that are produced are consumed with a great deal of enthusiasm by Indian consumers.

Nasik, about 120 miles North of Mumbai (the NYC of India) is home to the SULA WINERY. Sula is one of the first pioneers of grape growing in India and the area in which they operate now has a few wineries which is creating a tourist center of sorts to those of us who love wine.

The other area that has wineries is just North of the southern city of Bangolore. There are a few wineries in the hills of this area and the most frequented is one called GROVER ZAMPA.

I have tried the Sula Wines and have enjoyed them with the food we have eaten (primarily S Indian fare which tends to be spicy and strictly vegetarian). I have yet to try the Zampa wines but when I do, I will let you know what I think.

The Sula wines have a bit of residual sugar (even when finished dry) and a preponderance of oak for my taste buds. However one must remember that the wine has to pair with the spicy food and appeal to local palettes - it's very important that wine that is produced sell and not sit on the shelf.

I'll let you know how our visit goes and have some pictures to share with you on Face Book!

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