English Beating the French at Sparkling Wine?

As I prepared to celebrate the New Year yesterday, I heard an interested piece on NPR. Due to global warming and climate change, it seems that the English weather on the Southern coast where grapes are grown has become quite decent for the production of sparkling wine grapes. Enough so that they wines compete quite favorably to the famous wines made in Champagne.

So I started poking around to see what else I could find about this trend. I had known that there is a wine industry in Southern England and I knew that they made wines with some of my favorite French American hybrid grapes such as Seyval Blanc. But I had not investigated in greater detail until this morning.

It's true! I found several articles on the recent emergence of sparkling wines made in England including this article here.

It makes sense in a way. Sparkling wines are best made with grapes that have lower sugar content, bright acidity, and grown in colder climates. If the world is changing and warming, then the areas that were too cold in the past will now be more suitable for producing higher quality wines.

Having tasted great sparkling wines here in the Midwest including wines made by Larry Mawby and Mark Wenzel, I think that many areas around the world are going to give Champagne a run for the money in the future!

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