Don't Diss Fruit Wines!

Last month I took delivery of two pallets of fruit wine from MI. It was made by the well known wine maker Bryan Ulbrich from the Traverse City area and the two wines - cherry and apple - are easy drinking wines that exhibit a wonderful balance between sweetness and acidity. In short, while not being complex wines, they are certainly well made wines.

It is interesting to note how many wine experts - those in the business of selling wine - are very reluctant to even try the wines because they are not made from grapes. Yet they will sell ciders (which walk out the door) and craft beers.

So I ask, "why the reluctance"? There will be a market for these wines, and when they are made well, they are unique offerings sure to find a following. And retailers will make money by carrying them and selling to frequent customers who enjoy the product.

So again, it is interesting to note that so many Wine Snobs, who profess to know a lot about wine (and often do), are not open minded nor do they really want to learn more.

They only want to stay within their comfort zone!

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