The Magic of Rose

Roses seem to be the rage these days. Rose all Day as they say. But what makes roses so popular especially during the summer and how has this type of wine come of age by shedding its association with the Sutter Home White Zinfandel of years past?

Here are some reasons why I think roses are sweeping the ratings and making the registers ring:

> There are roses available at every price point and at every level of sophistication.

> They come in a variety of finishes so they can appeal to every palate.

> They come in clear bottles which makes their color appealing.

> Many come with screw top closures that make them easy to open.

Our FORTY WINKS rose is quite unique in that it is a blend of three red grapes. One grape is the well known Pinot Noir (made famous by the Sideways movie). The other two are cold climate hybrids - Chancellor and Chambourcin.

Both the hybrid grapes are wonderful for growing in the Midwest. They have bright acidity and their root stock can withstand the cold winters that come from living in the Midwest.

Also the two grapes reflect the terroir of the Midwest and make a rose that is very different than what one can get from other parts of the wine growing world.

The biggest decision in making a sound rose is how long to leave the juice in contact with the skins before pressing. Most wine makers keep the contact time fairly short. 12 - 24 hours at most and then press to begin primary fermentation. That's what gives rose that lovely pink color that everyone enjoys.

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