Midwest Veraison by Dileep Gangolli

The Art of the Blend

When I first delved into the wine industry by launching our tour business, Windy City Tour Company, and distribution business, Evanston Cellars, I took it upon myself to learn about wine making styles both locally in the Midwest and around the world. As anyone might expect, I assumed that anything less than 100% of a varietal compromised the quality of the offering as well as the taste and aromatic profiles of the wine. How wrong I was. Now, six years into my journey, I realize that this assumption is not only false but prevented me from understanding the true art of what many wine makers have known all along. That the sum of the parts can actually surpass the individual component which is t

David vs. Goliath in the Wine World

In my email box this week I opened an email from a wine retailer who expressed apprehension about a Big Box retailer entering her geographic market. She owns a small wine retail business and from what I can tell, is quite successful in operating in a very competitive business where both gross and net margins are tight. As a storefront retailer, she has overhead such as a lease, employees, utilities, liquor licences (both local and State) and has to sell what she buys or take a loss through her discount area. No consignment here. For a small operator, a 50% profit margin is not only standard but necessary to stay in business. Small business owners by definition cannot compete through volume b

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