Midwest Veraison by Dileep Gangolli

Cork Dork: A Book Review

As promised, I wanted to write a few words about a recent book that I read titled "Cork Dork" by the young author Bianca Bosker. Bosker is a NYC based journalist who decided to change careers and pursue her certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers to become a bona fide wine expert. In the wine industry, this certification is notoriously difficult to achieve and is a real mark of accomplishment as it involves a battery of tests in which the candidate must identify wines in blind tastings and pass a comprehensive test on service etiquette as well as have fundamental knowledge of beer, spirits and mixed drinks. Bosker began her journey as a true neophyte and in a relatively short time

What makes for a good Wine Tour?

A few weeks ago, I blogged about what makes for a good experience when I take clients to a wine tasting room on one of my tours. Today, I want to write about what makes for a good experience when I work with a client. I had the pleasure of hosting a tour of 10 young ladies to SW Michigan and everything went so smoothly, that I think it may have been the best tour that I have ever arranged. Here is what makes a for a great client (and thus makes my job easier): > Client books well ahead of time and commits to a guaranteed number of people to meet my minimums without any hesitation. This allows me to plan and arranged our stops and make all necessary reservations well ahead of time. > Client

Cork Dork

I just bought a newly published book by the author Bianca Bosker titled "Cork Dork". It's a book about the wine industry and the expert sommeliers who are considered the Priests of the High Temple with regards to wine. I look forward to reading the book in the coming week and will post a review of the book after I am done but I have some thoughts to share regarding the subject. While I am always in awe of wine experts who have a thorough understanding of the various and numerous intricacies of the wine industry and how wine is made, I find them to often be lacking in the basic knowledge of wine making. Like music or theater critics who have never performed on stage, these self acclaimed exp

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