Midwest Veraison by Dileep Gangolli

A Tour of the Sula Winery and Vineyards

After much anticipation, I finally got to tour the Sula Winery and Vineyards with my wife Janice MacDonald and parents as part of our three week trip to India. Almost twenty years old, Sula Winery now produces approximately 1 million cases of wine of which 95% is sold domestically to Indian citizens who are just beginning to appreciate the finer elements of wine. I love discovering areas of the world that are making wonderful unpretentious wines but are not thought of as being wine producing regions. I guess it must come from being in the wine business and operating from the Midwest. I often find myself defending how good Midwest wines can be even if they are not familiar to frequent win

Wine in an Exotic Land

I am currently traveling in India for three weeks. Between stops to visit family, we are sightseeing and enjoying getting out of the Chicago cold! I am looking forward to visiting the Sula Winery in Nasik next week. I bet most of you reading this column don't realize that India has a robust wine industry and several of the wines that are produced are consumed with a great deal of enthusiasm by Indian consumers. Nasik, about 120 miles North of Mumbai (the NYC of India) is home to the SULA WINERY. Sula is one of the first pioneers of grape growing in India and the area in which they operate now has a few wineries which is creating a tourist center of sorts to those of us who love wine. The

English Beating the French at Sparkling Wine?

As I prepared to celebrate the New Year yesterday, I heard an interested piece on NPR. Due to global warming and climate change, it seems that the English weather on the Southern coast where grapes are grown has become quite decent for the production of sparkling wine grapes. Enough so that they wines compete quite favorably to the famous wines made in Champagne. So I started poking around to see what else I could find about this trend. I had known that there is a wine industry in Southern England and I knew that they made wines with some of my favorite French American hybrid grapes such as Seyval Blanc. But I had not investigated in greater detail until this morning. It's true! I found

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